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Pollination and Fertilization MCQs

Pollination and Fertilization MCQs

the delivery of pollen to a flower’s stigma is called? PollinationFertilizationPhotosynthesishydrolysis Correct Answer Pollination _ is a process when a sperm joins with an egg PollinationFertilizationPhotosynthesishydrolysis Correct Answer Fertilization _ are usually brightly colored to attract the animals Bat- and…

Mating MCQs (human and animals)

Mating MCQs

a female oyster, Every season releases about _ eggs into the water 1.02 trillion1 billion60 million10 million Correct Answer  60 million the length of time the fetus is developing inside a female mammal is called? Gestation periodMenstrual periodFertilization periodNone of…

Human Reproduction MCQs

Reproduction MCQs

_ reproduction starts at the cellular level and involves two parents sexualAsexualBoth of theseNone of these Correct Answer Sexual Gametes MCQs _ are the sex cells of sexually reproducing organisms GametesepithelialneuronsNone of these Correct Answer Gametes _ kinds of gametes…